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junho 16, 2009

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          I was willing to write this post for a long time two days I think, but I wanted to clear my thoughts first. Actually, I think you already know Linux will be the first OS to support USB3.0 connection, don't you? If you don’t, please read this[1]. So, that’s a REALLY good thing and great news for the GNU/Linux community.

          I’m really happy about it! 

          Anyway, here is my opinion about the topic.

          First, some background. Some time ago I read the news about this USB3.0, how fast it was and the energetic efficiency of it. I think it is a natural evolution of the USB2.0. To make an analogy, some years ago I attended a talk in my university in Brazil by AMD and the person said Linux was also the first OS to support 64bits, when they released Athlon64 in 2003[2]. However, 64bit OS never worked fine. And the problem of it: the transition phase. We are in this transition phase, a normal evolution period from one technology to another. And it is very hard; because if someone doesn't strongly suggest [3] we use the new technology (better or not) people are going to take a long time to adopt it. Or even adopt when the time comes [4] :)

          You must be thinking: "Why did this guy write about 64bit OS and Digital TV on USB3.0topic?". Ok, what I really wanted to say is about this transition phase.This transition phase is the time when the technology is not mature enough to be imposed as the new trend (as the Digital TV) or it is not even working yet, as the USB3.0 (I was going to say OpenXML by Microsoft, but that is too polemic, let's keep it small for now ). So, let's see how this is going to enter in the market. We still have some USB1.1 connectors and devices that we can't really differentiate them(from the appearance), because the connector is the same. So, a lot of people (me included) must have been conned by some shop guy selling you USB1.1 as 2.0. But now, the structure has changed, because of technological matters I won't enter in details, you can read about it [5].

          Moreover, when this new USB3.0 is released, you will need a special hardware to make it work, in other words, you will need to buy an USB3.0 adapter to your computer, because the connector is different. It will not be like when we passed from USB1.1 to USB2.0. To illustrate a picture of the two connectors is shown below.

USB3.0 Connector 

          To finish, I think it is a big step (once again) for Linux as being the first to have it ported. But, I'm definitely sure this technology will just be provided for end-users as soon as they port it to the Windows platform.

          But, let's be honest, if I we were programming this, we would choose to make it first for Linux, which we have a good documentation and we can understand better what is really going on with the OS and its I/O connections.

          Do you have something to add? Agree or disagree? Please, leave a comment, I will be very happy to discuss.


          I'm sorry I couldn't go as deep as I wanted, but I couldn't wait too much time to post this, otherwise the news would change (as it has changed many times). Actually, I lost many opportunities in the past weeks to post about some nice things I wanted to do, but the exams and final thesis are killing me. Another reason, it has been so long I don't post, some mosquitoes were growing .

          Well, have fun and wait for the second part, which I can write calmly.


[1] http://sarah.thesharps.us/2009-06-07-20-00.cherry
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/64-bit#64-bit_processor_timeline 
[3] http://mediadecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/06/12/stations-turn-off-analog-sig
[4] http://www.twitpocalypse.com/
[5] http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/usb-3.0-superspeed,2306-2.html

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