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Rafael Prince

Dez 30, 08
O potencial comunicativo da Web já foi bastante explorado pelo presidente eleito americano Barrack Obama, que instrumentalizou recursos como o Twitter para levar sua voz  de maneira mais rápida e efetiva a milhões de eleitores e simpatizantes mundo afora.

Hoje, foi a vez de Israel vir se explicar perante a comunidade internacional sobre as recentes atrocidades cometidas contra o povo de Gaza, na mais sanguinária sequência de ataques da última década.

David Saranga, cônsul israelense em New York, que já mantém um blog ( adotou uma interessante estratégia de diplomacia pública: em resposta à discussão calorosa que os ataques a Gaza provocaram no Twitter, resolveu levar a posição oficial do governo israelense à internet.

O resultado foi uma conferência ao vivo por duas horas (das 16h às 18h de 30/12/2008, no horário de verão de Brasília), aberta a usuários do twitter de todas as partes do mundo.

Discordo veementemente da posição israelense, de sua desproporcional retaliação e da sanção coletiva ao povo de Gaza, mas, de fato, levar o debate para o Twitter foi uma iniciativa louvável.

 Abaixo, o log das perguntas e respostas, costurado por mim. Pretendo, em breve, editá-lo para melhor visualização.


@Israelconsulate, an early Q: Have the attacks in Gaza changed Israel's policies regarding the Palestinian authority? #AskIsrael

@misscharlie Isr continues to work with PA for diplomatic negotiations


@israelconsulate Is there a connection between the airstrikes and the upcoming election in Israel? #AskIsrael

@carrotderek no, the sole purpose of this opt. is 2 protect Isr's s.border & 2 allow ISR 2 live safely. this opt is indiferrent 2 politics


@israelconsulate #AskIsrael Is there any chance that the PA or Egypt helps Israel's military in a ground invasion or in general?

@ajmil0 No there are no allied forces in this opt. We appriciate the Egy & PA efforts to bring a ceasefire & see they r using btr judgment.


@israelconsulate What steps are being taken about the humanitarian situation in the Gaza? Is it enough? #AskIsrael

@carrotderek Isr does everything in its power to prevent deterioration of situation.


#AskIsrael How many Palestinian lives are worth one Israeli life?

@knkyvxn there is no equation. every wounded civillian is mourned. israel is aiming only at Hamas terrorists.


@israelconsulate #AskIsrael On MV DIGNITY incident will Israeli vessel CO explain what ship did what when? Admiralty Court 4 DIGNITY?

@WyldDarkHeart MV DIg dnt respond 2 Calls 2 hult & rammed an IDF ship. it was escorted out 2 intl waters. till this opt. ships were let ...


@Israelconsulate, an early Q: Have the attacks in Gaza changed Israel's policies regarding the Palestinian authority? #AskIsrael

@misscharlie Isr continues to work with PA for diplomatic negotiations


@IsraelConsulate Will Israel try to block emergency aide getting to Gaza from the outside world? #AskIsrael

@eastmad Isr has let in aid today: trucks from unrwa, msf, icrc, wfp 17000 trucks in 6 mo.



@EshanAhmad we're not at war with the PAL people. we're at war with a group declared by the EU& US a terrorist org.


@israelconsulate Why are you doing this on Twitter? What's your objective? #askisrael #gaza

@shelisrael Saw debate on Twitter and saw diff ppl w/unreliable info, Felt a good way to put official voice out there


@israelconsulate 40 years of military confrontation hasn't brought security to Israel, why is this different? #Gaza? #AskIsrael

@peoplesworld We hav 2 prtct R ctzens 2, only way fwd through neogtiations, & left Gaza in 05. y Hamas launch missiles not peace? #AskIsrael


@israelconsulate Is a 48hour ceasefire (as proposed by France) a possible scenario for assessing Hamas intentions? #AskIsrael

@realprince IL is pro ceasefire, but due 2 R exp. these R used 2 strengthen Hamas. we'd rther negotiate than fight. #AskIsrael



@lagwolt this is one of our attempts opening Israel up to questions alongside with old press #AskIsrael



 @rahathartoush Crossings have been open eg:

@israelconsulate What is your definition of "terrorism"? #AskIsrael

@anotherpundit Same def as international community: targeting civilians #AskIsrael


@israelconsulate, #AskIsrael #Gaza 1 side has to stop. Why continue what hasn't worked (mass arial/grnd retaliation)? Arab Peace Initiative?

@backlotops we R pro nego. crntly tlks r held w the PA + tlks on the 2 state soln. we talk only w/ ppl who accept R rt 2 live. #AskIsrael


@israelconsulate #AskIsrael do you accept HAMAS is a democratically elected goverment?

@penalba Dem. is not only voting, set of values: free spch, tolerance, respect for Abbas+PA #AskIsrael


#AskIsrael Please explain what a Hamas militant looks like. How old? What gender? What do they wear? Where do they live? Where do they walk?

 @knkyvxn They fire Qassams at Isr. civilians other see: #AskIsrael


@israelconsulate On what conditions would Israel consider a ceasefire? #AskIsrael

@carrotderek CF must ensure no more rockets on IL+ no arms smuggling. btw crossings for Human Aid r open and trucks are entering #AskIsrael



@rahathartoush Isr seeks to live in peace w neighbors. Working w/PA, any other moderates to 2states soln


#AskIsrael How many attacks have there been against IS in the last 6 months? How many casualties? The MSM doesn't report that here.

@explore4corners  ovr 500 rockts Hit IL in the 6 mts of CF. per the last 72 hrs mre thn 300 hit IL. kiling 4 ppl & injuring hndrds #AskIsrael


@israelconsulate Can you update us on the 48 hour ceasefire? #askisrael #gaza #israel

@Amy2Israel as of now we have no more data on the matter #AskIsrael


@israelconsulate Hi. What is the objective of the Gaza operation? To deter Hamas? To detsroy Hamas? Also, what is your PR plan for next week

@joelpollak STOP ROCKET FIRE ON 500K ISRAELIS #AskIsrael


#askisrael How much attention does Israel pay to religious motivation of Hamas and its effect on their method and tactics?

@brianoflondon Hamas has dclred JIHAD on Isr. ths mns they wll go 2 any xtrme 2 injre IL ctzns. their suiciders r ordrd 2 go actv #AskIsrael


@israelconsulate If everyone in Gaza holds a bit of a Qassam, will you try to kill them all? #AskIsrael


@eastmad as you saw on CNN a hamas rocket brigade is pretty easy to spot. Unfor. they use civil as human shields #AskIsrael



israelconsulate We are flooded with questions, we are trying to keep up, please be patient! #AskIsrael


@israelconsulate you didn't get my point that Hammas is an elected govt and if u keep attacking them they got right to attack you #AskIsrael

@EhsanAhmad if hamas's goal were 2 btr the lives of its cit. they wouldn't target IL. they would invest in edu/hlth not in bombs #AskIsrael


@israelconsulate has Israel been in contact w/ Obama transition team in the last 72 hours #AskIsrael




@israelconsulate I heard reports that you're interfering with humanitarian aid, doesn't that violate international law?

@jranck crossings r open. 2day 33 trucks of aid & 5 ambulances. Among them r: UNRAW, MSF, ICRC & WFP. In the last 6 mnts: 17,000 @askisrael




@jinjirrie During CF 3 ships were let in. Due to escalation, we have decided to keep the ships out of harms way 4 their safety.#askisrael


@IsraelConsulate in case you missed it the first time, what is your understanding of the word "apartheid"? #AskIsrael

@Jinjirrie: There are no Israelis are living in Gaza so there is no segregation. the only solution is a 2 state solution #askisrael



@israelconsulate Question(s) for tomorrow: How will attack influence elections & how would NOT answering Gaza rockets have influenced them?


@gyokusai:We can't postulate the effect of the opt. on elect, as of now we see all 3 major parties gaining power. #askisrael




@israelconsulate Do you expect Mubarak to keep the Rafah border crossing closed between Egypt and Gaza? #askisrael


@skap5 Expect Egypt to continue what they've been doing: trying to covnince Hamas to stop rockets, make peace w/isr #AskIsrael




@israelconsulate When will you stop using the citizens of Sderot as human shields? #AskIsrael #gaza


@shahidkamal See def of human shield: #AskIsrae




@israelconsulate #AskIsrael When you leave the occupied Palestinian territories?


@chucaodemente Started to w/draw in 2005 from Gaza. Want 2 states, not under missile fire #AskIsrael




@IsraelConsulate 'rather negotiate than fight?' why a different tune from you to israeli politicians #askisrael


@Jinjirrie: Hamas decided to break the CF:




@israelconsulate BBC among others have speculated that POTUS transition was a factor in the timing of strikes. Is this the case? #AskIsrael


@matttbastard The timing for the opt. was set after 24 hrs of 84 flying rockets. And not due 2 GEOPOL reasons. #askisrael




@israelconsulate Turkey has said strikes have made negotiations with Syria impossible at the moment.Will talks eventually resume? #AskIsrael


@matttbastard The decision to end them was a Syrian 1 & we hope we can carry on from were the last meeting in Turkey ended #askisrael




@israelconsulate Israel gave away Gaza & no peace resulted. Will Israel cont. giving away land?! #askisrael #gaza


@leah144 Isr. still feels only solution is 2states. When Hamas stops rockets, we are willing to make more concessions #AskIsrael






@modowitz Isr. does not target civilians, like hamas does. We mourn every Pal +Isr casualty. #AskIsrael






@travamag We wish Hamas stops bombings, we've disengaged from Gaza but. we can't stand bombs hitting Israelis #askisrael




its interesting that hezbollah is sitting this one out i wonder why? #askIsrael


@isaacson We're keeping our eyes on the Leb. situation. #AskIsrael




@israelconsulate how many more bombs will you need to drop to convince is of your sincere desire for peace? #askisrael


@avinunu The bombs aren't out of desire but out of defense. we desire a 2 state solution & r working on it with PA #askisrael




Rafaelprince: Waging such a harsh, intense and "merciless" strike on #Gaza isn't a form of "collective punishment"? (4th Geneva Conv., Art. 33) #AskIsrael


israelconsulate: Geneva Conv. "presence of a protected person may not be used to render certain points or areas immune from military operations." #askisrael


 @rafaelprince Targeting Hamas installations, located w/in civilian areas. War is w/Hamas not civ. #AskIsrael




We are flooded with questions. Please give Consul @DavidSaranga time to answer as many as possible. #AskIsrael




@israelconsulate #AskIsrael why is the press not allowed inside Gaza?


@majdal the only reason is to keep them from harms way. as of now all major wires have footage coming out of Gaza #AskIsrae




@israelconsulate how do you reconcile the number of civilian deaths from airstrikes w/ ur definition of terrorism? #askisrael #gaza




@anotherpundit Isr. only targets mil. installations. Unfortunate damage 2 civ. targets occurs. Hamas purposely puts civ. at risk. #AskIsrael




@israelconsulate Why have int'ls from humanitarian orgs been denied entry to gaza the last few weeks? #AskIsrael


@tova_s borders r open today 38 trucks went in to Gaza from UNRWA, IRC, WFP etc. 17K during the C.F #AskIsrael






@eyman1 The conflict is now restricted tothe Gaza radius, while endangering 500K ppl, in TLV, JLM life is continuing normally. #AskIsrael




@israelconsulate We've seen time and again that violence provokes a violent response. Isn't it time for a more creative solution? #AskIsrael


@gerrykirk The solution is dialogue but we must cannot ignore attacks on our civilians #AskIsrael 




@israelconsulate #AskIsrael how effective did you find to build the wall?


@penalba Since Isr. completed barrier almost no terr.attacks took place #AskIsrael




@israelconsulte plz explain visit by Israel's UN amb to the SecGen's office Dec. 23th. What was discussed? Why did she go? #AskIsrael


@curvaspoliticas it was 22nd, I believe. See link: #AskIsrael




#AskIsrael: Is this bombing of Gaza postscript to the long seige, blockade, the forced "diet" dished out because free election gave HAMAS?


@kppotatoes Isr. left Gaza in 2005 to send message of peace. Ans. more rockets #AskISrael




@israelconsulate is e #gaza action to shake the Palestinian people's faith in the Hamas leadership so they change it from within? #askisrael


@xylem we believe talking is the best way, but we'll talk only to factions that accept our right to live. a right Hamas denies #AskIsrael\




Why does everybody criticizes U for closing the border, when Egypt has done the same? #AskIsrael


@langtind We also don't understand. Do you think US, another state would open border to enemies? #AskIsrael




@israelconsulate #AskIsrael why dont you try peaceful efforts toward Palestine? Just like D. Barenboim did


@israelconsulalate #AskIsrael Daniel Barenboim conducted a palestinian/israeli orchestra, that-s more EFFECTIVE than airstrikes, doesn it?


@penalba We did. Int'l aid, w/drawal from Gaza, Oslo, release prisnoners etc. How did Hamas respond? #AskIsrae




right now rocket hits Beer Sheba suburb ;




@israelconsulate Intel gathering for targets to strike must take planning months in advance. Was ISR going to attack regardless? #AskIsrael


@carrotderek Responsible countries must be prepared for any event, whether war or peace #AskIsrael




@israelconsulate: #AskIsrael Is there truth that the terrorists place installations and targets around women and children as shields?


@dwightcook Hamas tries to maximize civilian causalties. This is one method. #AskIsrael






Would Israel consider transfering some of PA forces into Gaza? #AskIsrael


@DAPPERDUDE This should be decided by PA. Prev. bloody clashes bet. PA and Hamas. #AskISrael






@israelconsulate What is the biggest misconception about Israel in the current conflict? #AskIsrael - thanks from tel aviv




@AriNahmani biggest misconception is That ISR provoked it. Ppl forget that 10000+ launched from Gaza since 2001 #AskIsrael






Due 2 time restraints, & the flood of questions, further questions will be answered on by the end of the day 2morrow.




@israelconsulate Your nation has been disgraced on Twitter. This inverted Nuremberg Trial will not rescue your image. #AskIsrael #gaza


@shahidkamal the point of this was to hear what ppl say and to share our POV with fellow twitters. #AskISrael




#askisrael #gaza How is a police station in Gaza a "Military Instillation" Stop the lying and please answer me!!!!


@churchillone since Hamas takeover in 07 GOVT inst were turned into bases. 2day all Hamas activity is done from POl sttns






Ladies & Gentlemen, thx 4 joining us. Additional info: We will update FAQs from this session soon. #AskIsrael

Palavras-chave: Diplomacia, Diplomacia pública, Gaza, Israel, Palestina, Twitter, Web 2.0

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