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outubro 02, 2009

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You can boot slackware from an USB stick using the images prepared by Alien BOB. But in this case you will need to keep Slackware tree in a NFS, local hard drive, HTTP, etc.

Fortunately you can also have the complete Slackware tree on your USB stick:

Ok, now why am I telling this? It seems that all these methods are based on images and you will probably lost all your data every time you need to update the stick (I may be wrong cause I didn't test any of them, sorry).

I like to stay current, so I decided to find an easy way to keep Slackware Installer and tree in my USB stick. I found and now I'm sharing ;)

Use fdisk or anything else to create the partitions. You will need a 2gb ext3 partition (or ext2 or ext4 or another decent file system type). Mount this partition and copy slackware-current or slackware64-current directory to there. You can have both.

Now create a directory in the USB stick root (mine is named boot ;) and copy this script to there (setup ) . Also, copy slack.bmp from your /boot to have a nice splash and then run the script.

It will create the lilo.conf file and it will run lilo. Now try to boot from the USB stick!

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Postado por Oda

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