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Quem sou eu?

O conhecido é finito, o desconhecido, infinito; intelectualmente permanecemos em uma ilhota dentro de um oceano ilimitado de inexplicabilidade. Nosso objetivo em todas as gerações é reivindicar por um pouco mais de terra.
— T. H. Huxley (Grande Evolucionista e Biólogo), 1887 in citation Cosmos, Carl Sagan.

Now, my definition about me!

I'm just studious of physical sciences and computing. In special, Nuclear Physics, Plasma Physics, Mathematical Physics and Theoric Physics.
I hate War, do you remember that saying: "Do not war, do love!".

Now and again, follow these instructions:
1. Love!
2. Use Linux.
3. Listen Pink Floyd and Classical Music.
4. Get up on the morning 'n watch the sunrise. See the night sky too! Appreciate the stars!
5. Be yourself!
6. Study Physics! hahaha

Scientists constantly work at improving our understanding of phenomena and
fundamental laws, and new discoveries are made every day. In many research
areas, a great deal of overlap exists between physics, chemistry, geology, and
biology, as well as engineering. Some of the most notable developments are
(1) numerous space missions and the landing of astronauts on the Moon,
(2) microcircuitry and high-speed computers, and (3

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Gosto de ler, passear e viver...That's is all.

Habilidades Principais

Física, Matemática e Computação.