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novembro 07, 2007

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MjazTools is proud to announce the release of the new v1.4.0 of the popular BlogTheme. This version has full support for DOCman v1.4.0RC1, and works with both Joomla! v1.0.x and v1.5RC3+. Get it at the new MjazTools website: If you're using DOCman, you should try this add-on theme. It uses as many of your Joomla template's styles as possible, to obtain great visual integration. This way, DOCman look will match the rest of your site -- almost as if DOCman was created especially for you :-) When using DOCman 1.4.0RC1, the theme is easy to install. In DOCman's control panel, click Themes, then click the Add button. Don't forget to set the theme to Default. You can also customize some settings.

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