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Autor 12th AMUN
Dear USPian undergraduates,

The Clube de Simulações Diplomáticas is proud to invite you all to the
12th AMUN!!

When: July, from the 13rd to 17th of 2009
Where: Instituto Rio Branco, Brasília
What to simulate: This year, our colleagues from UnB are organizing
AMUN focused on the diversity and the intercultural dialogue so the
themes are all prone to a multicultural approach.

As we are near to the subcription deadline, we need to have at least
concrete numbers of delegates to ask for countries. Having that in
mind, we would like to ask you that have real intention of
participanting on the event to answer this e-mail (even if have
already talked to us personnaly) so we can have a background to count
on. Moreover, we would ask you to answer as fast as possible.


Security Council (UNSC)
Topic: Cooperation between the United Nations and Regional
Arrangements in the Prevention and Resolution of Conflicts.

Human Rights Council (HRC)
Topic A: The Indian Caste System: the Issue of Untouchability;
Topic B: Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue for a Culture of Peace.

World Health Organization (WHO)
Topic A: Drugs: The Boundary between Licit and Illicit;
Topic B: The Cultural Dilemmas Behind Ilicit Drugs.

Economic and Financial Committee (ECOFIN)
Topic A: Financial Crises and the Role of Regulatory Regimes for
International Financial Flows;
Topic B: Economic Sanctions as Tools for Political and Economic Coercion.

African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC)
Topic A: The Africanization of the Security Framework: Challenges and Prospects.
Topic B: The Situation in Somalia and the African Union’s Response

UN Conference on Sovereignty and Self-Determination (CSSD)
Topic: Rights of self-determination within the United Nations system.

General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS)
Topic A: The balance between order and justice – the human rights
guarantees from authoritarian to democratic regimes.
Topic B: Crime persecution and human rights guarantees.

How much to pay: The total participation fee per delegate amounts to
R$185,00 (one hundred eighty-five reais) and it can be made in two
•         First installment: R$ 95,00 per delegate. Final deadline for
sending the deposit slip (preferably scanned): June 5th.*
•         Second installment: R$ 90,00 per delegate. Final deadline
for sending the deposit slip (preferably scanned): July 5th.*

* We must remember that these deadlines are  for the whole delegation
payments!!! So the delegates have to quit pendences earlier
(preferably five days before the event's deadline at least).

Where to stay: The official hotel of AMUN is, once more, the Hotel
Nacional (setor hoteleiro Sul) where the medium cost will be R$ 320,00
for the whole week.

What to win: experience on negotiating through legal organs,
friendship with people from different parts of the country (and of the
world too), a trip with your undergraduate friends, parties and
certificates that you can add to your  C.V. as extracurricular

All in all:  A unique experience!! Don’t let it go!!!

Registrations began on May, 15th!!!

Danuzia (General Coordinator for External Simulations): (11) 9460-6252

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It's a great opportunity, guys. I decided that I would apply for the IRBr entrance exam in 2006, after an AMUN.

Even if u do not intend to become a diplomat, I can assure u that it's great fun! Totally woth it!

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